Mirro Wall Mounted Concrete Bains in a dark cloakroom

Is Concrete in the Bathroom a Good Idea?

Exploring the Functionality and Beauty of Concrete in the Bathroom

In contemporary design, unconventional materials are always redefining the way we envision and create functional spaces. When it comes to bathroom design, the integration of concrete has proven to be a winner for being an innovative, versatile and organic appearing material.

The Superiority of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete

Traditional ideas of concrete often conjure images of heavy, dull slabs. However, Concrete Studio’s formulation breaks this stereotype. Made from an ultra-high-performance blend (known in the industry as UHPC), this concrete starts as a pure white mix with very fine grains. This offers great versatility in achieving vivid and precise colours. And it is why our unique colour range is called ‘Vivid‘. (All of our colours are mixed in house using dense liquid pigments. these colours are not commercially available anywhere else.)

Retaining the distinctive warmth associated with concrete, each piece exudes character and charm, adding a touch of organic elegance to any bathroom setting. Its inherent variability ensures that no two pieces are precisely alike, showcasing the natural beauty of handcrafted design.

Strength in Elegance: Thinness, Lightness, and Robustness

Unlike conventional concrete, this variant boasts remarkable thinness. The steel has been replaced by very small but incredibly strong glass fibres. This creates a lighter yet more durable solution for bathroom installations. Its strength surpasses ordinary concrete, and the thinness means it is possible to make large vanity tops that can be supported by the wall or by the cabinet.

Bowl shaped floating concrete sink in a modern bathroom with matte black taps

Customisation at Its Finest: Tailoring Bathware to Perfection

True to its traditional heavy-weight predecessor, UHPC still needs to be made in some kind of form. While many of these are set sizes and can be used over and over, many of them are put together for each project. This means it is relatively easy to customise pieces for length, width, thickness. This precision ensures a seamless fit within any design scheme, providing a bespoke touch to every project.

Environmental Responsibility: (Close to) Zero Waste and Regional Production

Beyond its aesthetic and functional brilliance, the Concrete Studio process of making concrete follows our genuine commitment to sustainability and waste reduction. Operating under a close-to-zero waste policy, the production process minimises environmental impact. Through only mixing exactly what we need for each project, and by repeatedly reusing mould materials. Furthermore, crafting these materials in the same region as where the final products will be used, significantly reduces their overall embodied energy.

Embracing the Future of Design with Concrete Bathware

Concrete Studio’s ultra-high-performance concrete stands as a testament to innovation in the design industry. By redefining the possibilities of concrete in bathrooms, it amalgamates elegance, functionality, and sustainability into a singular, superior solution.

For designers seeking unparalleled creativity and reliability in crafting exquisite bathroom spaces, Concrete Studio’s range of concrete basins and vanity tops offers an unparalleled canvas for interesting design. Choose from one of our models, or let us know the design you have in mind. We will work with you to create a piece that is unique.

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