Kaarla Oval Concrete Basin in a dark grey scene. One of our most popular concrete vessel basins.

Our concrete basins stand apart for their character and the unique nature of every hand made piece.

Concrete Studio has ten years experience making these beautiful statement pieces.
And our designers have finessed all the finer details of our moulds, so these concrete basins are unique to us, not copies of commercially available designs.

Concrete Basins

Where Artistry Meets Functionality

Every Basin, a Mini Masterpiece
No two concrete basins are identical. Hand crafted by our skilled team, each basin is unique.

Texture that Tells a Story
The smooth, polished finish speaks of precision, while the very subtle imperfections reveal the beauty of impermanence.

Conscious Luxury
Not just a statement of design, our concrete basins reflect a commitment to sustainability. Crafted with the environment in mind, they produce close to zero waste, use no heat and only minimal water to produce.



A beautiful curved oval, sitting on a small plinth base.



A perfect cylinder, with slim walls and a tight radius at the time.



With or without a tap hole, this versatile basin can also be wall-mounted


Baly Square

A perfect square, which is great for the smaller bathroom.


Baly Medium / Large

Usually bought in pairs: the Slabs can never go out of style

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