Yelin Concrete Dining Table with no background

A statement piece like for your dining room, a concrete dining table from Concrete Studio is a place to meet, dine and unwind.

Gather Around a Handcrafted Concrete Dining Table

A Concrete Studio table redefines dining in style. Our handcrafted concrete dining tables are more than just furniture; they are functional and customisable statement pieces that make an impact in any dining or al-fresco space.

Timeless Elegance
Concrete’s enduring appeal and minimalist design bring a timeless elegance to your dining area, making it the focal point of every meal.

Exceptional Durability
Our tables are built to last, with concrete’s renowned durability, ensuring they withstand the test of time and daily use.

Bespoke Available
Tailor your dining experience by choosing from a range of sizes, shapes, and finishes, allowing you to create a table that suits your space and style.

Moorditj Concrete Dining Table in the Concrete Studio showroom

Moorditj Concrete Table

This robust concrete dining table contains design features that make this both elegant and versatile. While the distinctive tripod bases are striking in appearance, the three legs means that they always find a stable position on the ground. This makes the Moorditj an excellent choice for al-fresco settings or areas where the ground may not be perfectly level.

- Available in sizes from 200cm x 90cm and up
- All Vivid concrete colours
- Natural timber or painted legs

Yelin Concrete Table with black steel legs

Yelin Concrete Table

Our timeless concrete dining table. The distinguishing U-shape legs are available in either timber or your choice of powder-coated steel.

- Available in a range of sizes, starting from 180cm x 80cm
- Full spectrum vibrant Vivid colors.
- Choose between timber or steel legs

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