Concrete Island Bench Top with stools

Stronger than granite, more beautiful than marble. Nothing complements the modern kitchen like handmade concrete benchtops.

The Beauty and Durability of Polished Concrete Benchtops

As kitchen trends come and go, very few surfaces stand the test of time like a polished concrete kitchen benchtop. Unlike mass produced alternatives that rely heavily on plastic binders, or that have been quarried and transported across the oceans, Concrete Studio kitchen bench tops are made close to where they will be installed, using materials from the area and local craftsmanship.

Lightweight Blend
Concrete Studio uses a blend of high performance concrete with a lightweight aggregate. This drastically reduces the weight and won’t cause your cabinets to have issues in the future.

Endlessly Customisable
Concrete kitchen benchtops can be formed by us to most lengths, widths and thicknesses, and fabricated in any of our Vivid colours.

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