The Joy of Concrete

Concrete is a curious product: on the one hand artificial but on the other completely organic. Each piece will behave differently and it is important to know the different types of outcome.

All of our concrete starts as pure white and then has rich liquid pigment added to the wet mix. This is added with a syringe to very accurate doses, however there will always be slight colour variations between batches as many factors can affect the mix.

Colour can be influenced by weather, water temperature, cement batch and even which quarry the sand came from. We therefore do not guarantee an exact shade and do not offer specific colour matching.

Concrete Studio concrete is known for its beautiful patterning, which is largely drawn out by the components of our CS Protect sealer. The pattern is organic and random, consistent with finishes seen on high quality concrete floors. This patterning is beyond our control and is a key part of what makes each of our pieces unique. None of our products has the appearance of extremely homogenous cement finishes that can be found on high street store concrete tables. 

Mapping / crazing
These appear as tiny lines in the finished surface. While these are unusual in our products they have no bearing on the structure at all and are considered part of the pattern.

Pin holes
All of our pieces undergo a four stage sealing and detailing process, during which time we cement wash the whole surface. This removes 99% of all pinholes and leave a beautiful flat finish. We believe this work is worth the effort as it further promotes the imperviousness of the finished piece. Any remaining pinholes will be invisible except occasionally if they get wet.

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Our Values

We pride ourselves on making the finest quality Class 1 concrete bathroom-ware. No pinholes, no resealing, no maintenance: just beautiful artisan craftwork.

Our aftercare service demonstrates commitment to the lifetime of our products. Contact us to learn why it is worth paying a little more for a piece of concrete perfection.

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