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We make all our concrete in-house using 100% Western Australian aggregates and additives. This reduces the overall embodied energy of our products and ensures we only ever mix exactly the right amount for each project.

All of our items are made from either GFRC or UHPC concrete (see separate questions lower down).

These advanced materials allow us to make concrete much thinner than traditional concrete, usually 12 to 30mm thick.

This keeps the weight right down. Our integrated tops are a similar weight to high quality ceramic.

Our vessel basins weight 8kg to 15kg.

Yes. All good quality cabinets are suitable for our vessel basins and integrated vanity tops. This includes correctly assembled cabinets from Ikea.

For ‘floating’ wall mounted cabinets ensure you use appropriate fixings and adhesive behind the cabinet.

Once the cabinet is in place simply place the vessel basin or integrated vanity onto it and glue into place with a small amount of adhesive.

All of our integrated tops can be wall mounted onto cabinets, frames or brackets.

Concrete Studio uses two advanced materials known as glass fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC) and ultra high performance concrete (UHPC).

These are made from sand (42%), cement (42%), water (10%) and 6% additives and reinforcements. It’s these additives that bring the superior  properties of our mix..

No steel is used in any of our concrete; we reinforce using natural basalt fibres or glass fibres.

Our concrete products have a similar impact resistance as high quality granite and a higher overall strength than steel reinforced concrete.

The durability of our concrete is why our bathroom-ware and street furniture can be found in so many shopping centres and public spaces around Australia.

These are made from sand (42%), cement (42%), water (10%) and 6% additives and reinforcements. It’s these additives that bring the superior  properties of our mix..

No steel is used in any of our concrete; we reinforce using natural basalt fibres or glass fibres.

Our products sealed with CS Active Low VOC sealer and is considered to have class leading stain, acid and scratch resistance.

Sealer guarantees are sold subject to terms of use.

Resealing is generally not required with either of our sealers provided the care and use guidelines are followed.

We consider concrete that requires resealing to have not been sealed fully to begin with, and our sealers stand apart from others for this reason.

Designers, specifiers and builders regularly return to us because our unique sealer means trouble-free installations and satisfied clients.

Yes, we sell resin repair kits in the unlikely event that you chip a piece of concrete.

Many high street bought tables are delivered unsealed or with chipped corners. In some cases – and if you are able to bring the item(s) to us – we may be able to help you. Please get in touch prior to coming to the factory.

If you have bought a concrete basin from elsewhere and find the sealer is flaking off (often around the 18 month mark) we may be able to send you a sealer kit.

Homes or site visits to assess concrete that was not made by us will incur a minimum charge of $250 payable in advance. This is for assessment only.

The majority of our raw materials are sourced from Western Australia. We only import materials – whether from interstate or overseas – if there is no viable local alternative.

We will gladly answer any product or technical questions, please get in touch using our short contact form or alternatively use the live chat button.


We have been providing excellent customer service to designers and customers for nearly a decade. We know that fast quoting and straightforward ordering is important. Find out about how we keep this simple.

We usually quote the same day or next business day. The more information you can supply to us, the faster we can turn your quote around.

Our quote form is always available here: Get A Quote

Most of our pricing is available on the individual product pages.

Small items / basins
The fastest way to place an order is through this website. Just go to the relevant product page, add the items to the cart and complete your purchase.

If you require an invoice prior to placing an order please contact us using the quote form.

Large items
– Obtain a quote using the contact form above
– When you are ready to proceed, please accept the quote
– We will issue a workshop drawing and invoice for the deposit payment
– When the drawing has been approved and payment received we will commence production
– When the items are complete we will invoice for the balance and organise despatch by one of our freight or courier companies.
If we are delivering/installing to your home the balance will be due within 7 days.
– We will send you the tracking number when the order has despatched.

We pride ourselves on being available to our customers for as long as they need us, whether to provide advice on maintenance and cleaning, or in many cases just ordering new products.

We have been around for longer than most companies and have seen many more come and go over the years. We appreciate the trust you put in us with a large investment in concrete furniture, and we repay that with friendly efficient service.

Yes, we have a professional full time designer who can assist with configuration, colour and product queries.

We do all our initial quoting based on plans or sketches that you provide to us.

Once an order is placed we will conduct site visits and measure-ups subject to the complexity of the order and location. 98% of our projects, including commercial installations, are completed through being supplied with working dimensions.

Yes, we provide fully detailed workshop drawings and technical specifications for all orders.

For Australian customers please check this page: Shipping & Returns

For International customers please check this page: International

Yes, we can ship to just about anywhere.

We have been shipping internationally by air since 2012 so we know how to deliver quickly and safely.

All items are insured and we will replace or refund anything that is damaged in transit with no quibbles, subject to our usual terms.

Please also check this page: International Orders

We undertake some installations in the Perth area but most of our items can be easily installed by yourself, plumber or builder. We provide installation documents for all products.

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