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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

Review these Terms governing the use of Concrete Studio’s Glass Fiber Reinforced (GFRC) Online Course Materials and Support. By enrolling in the Course, you accept these Terms. If not, avoid using the Materials and seeking Support.

2. GFRC Online Course

The Course provides online Materials to master GFRC techniques. You can access them with a Concrete Studio account after the launch date.

Though we strive to keep the Materials accessible, Concrete Studio can modify their availability without notice. Interruptions may occur due to updates, technical difficulties, or external factors. We’re not liable for outages caused by third parties, government actions, or uncontrollable events.

3. GFRC Online Course Materials and Support

3.1. Creating an Account
Set up a Concrete Studio account to access the Materials of the Course. You must maintain confidentiality for your login details and inform us immediately of unauthorized access. Concrete Studio can reclaim or alter your username if needed.

3.2. Accessing Materials
Adhering to these Terms grants you permission to download the Materials and receive the printed manual for your own personal use. Redistribution or transfer is prohibited.

3.3. Accessing Support
By adhering to these Terms, you are granted “Premium Support” for free while the Course is active. “Premium Support” is a Concrete Studio subscription based service offered for free alongside the Concrete Studio’s GFRC Online Course. “Premium Support” encompassed uninterrupted access to our Support Team. Such access includes, but is not limited to, Q&As, webinars and downloadable resources. It’s crucial to understand that “Premium Support” does not includes any commitment to personal or one-on-one assistance.

4. Billing and Cancellation

4.1. Billing
Choose a Course tier from the Concrete Studio’s Glass Fiber Reinforced (GFRC) Online Course page. Taxes adjust based on your data and current rates. Tax rate changes apply automatically.

4.2. Cancellation
To cancel, contact Customer Support before the Course’s release. No refunds post-release.

5. Intellectual Property

All Materials, content, designs, graphics, logos, videos, texts, and any other elements associated with the Concrete Studio’s GFRC Online Course, including those found within the Support area of the online Course platform, are the exclusive intellectual property of Concrete Studio. These Materials are protected under intellectual property laws, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, and trade secret laws. Unauthorized use, distribution, reproduction, or any form of dissemination of these Materials without the explicit written consent of Concrete Studio is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action. By accessing the Course and related Materials, you acknowledge that you do not obtain any ownership rights or claims over the said intellectual property, and your usage rights are strictly limited to the personal access granted under these Terms.

6. Dispute Resolution

6.1. Amicable Resolution
Should any dispute arise between you and Concrete Studio in connection with or arising out of these Terms, the parties shall first attempt to resolve the dispute through good faith negotiations within thirty (30) days of one party notifying the other of the dispute.

6.2. Mediation
If the dispute cannot be settled amicably within the aforementioned period, before initiating any formal proceedings, the parties agree to attempt to resolve it by mediation administered by an agreed-upon mediator in Western Australia.

6.3. Jurisdiction
In the event that mediation fails to resolve the dispute, the parties irrevocably agree that the courts of Western Australia will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any lawsuit or claim that arises out of or in connection with these Terms or their subject matter or formation. Both parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Western Australia.

6.4. Governing Law
These Terms and any disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter or formation are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Western Australia.

7. Terms Overview

Your legal rights remain unaffected by these Terms.

7.1. Updates
We may revise these Terms and will notify you accordingly. Continuing use post-change means you accept the revision

7.2. Agreement Scope
Apart from specific agreements, these Terms cover the entire understanding between you and Concrete Studio.

7.3. Severability
If any Term is deemed unenforceable, the remainder remains intact. Our failure to enforce doesn’t waive our rights.

7.4. Assignment
Concrete Studio can transfer these Terms and its rights. You cannot assign, transfer, or sublicense your rights here.

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