Installation Guidelines


  • Remove from box and place into desired position.
  • Check there is adequate clearance for taps and drainage.
  • Never rest your item on a corner.
  • Once position has been checked, remove the item and apply small dobs of any silicone type adhesive (that is marked suitable for concrete).
  • Do not over apply adhesive.
  • Install the waste fitting with a continuous bead of silicone (see separate sheet in your box).
  • Install taps as per the tap instructions.
  • Do not over tighten waste fittings or taps. Waste fittings should be hand tightened only.
  • Protect the surface during tiling and painting.


  • Ensure the integrated top will fit into its final position before lifting the integrated top into place. Cabinetry may have to be adjusted if insufficient clearance has been allowed for the basins. Cabinetry and brackets must be level.
  • Lift the top onto the cabinets ensuring the bench top is kept upright on its back edge. Do not lift the piece lying flat: always on its edge.
  • Place the back edge down first and move
    the bench top so that it is at the back
    of the cabinet or brackets.
  • Adjust left and right into the desired position.
  • Carefully lay the bench towards you and down onto the cabinets.
  • Apply bead of silicone on the underside where the concrete touches the cabinets.
  • Protect the surface during tiling and painting.

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