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The Founders Club is a limited time offer for past students of Concrete Studio School, as well as limited places for future students. So what do you get for joining?

Founders Club

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  • Advance access in December 2021 to our amazing and comprehensive course 'Introduction to GFRC'. This really is everything you need to know to start making beautiful glass fibre reinforced concrete counter-tops and table tops, whether for yourself or for customers. See course details below.
  • Learn from a company who is actually making and delivering orders worldwide every week. We are not here to sell you any materials... and we are not just a training organisation.
  • Course includes: how we make and prepare moulds, our mix design and how to design your own mix with local ingredients, how to demould and store your pieces, how to polish, detail and seal to the highest possible standard.
  • Lifetime access to this course , it will not become a renewal or recur.
  • Advance access offer to any and all future courses before general release.
  • Discounts and specials on all future courses.
  • Exclusive and live Q&A Webinars in 2022 only available to Founders and premium members.
  • Reduced price 1 on 1 coaching for all aspects of your GFRC journey, whether it is concreting at home, for clients, or practical help with running your GFRC business.
  • Founders Club discounts at attendance of any of our physical courses (in Australia, Spain or the UK).

Learn GFRC from the team that makes and delivers concrete every week of the year.

– We teach exactly how we make our own concrete. We hold nothing back.

– Learn from our years of trial and error, save yourself the (many) headaches.

– We understand what it takes to delight yourself and your clients every time.

– We are a concrete business first and foremost, not just a training school.

– Unlike ‘free’ training courses we are not trying to sell you any products.

This is the course outline of
'Introduction to GFRC'

As taught by us in Fremantle since 2017

Supplies & Tools

– Where and when to use GFRC to get the best results

– Pros / cons of GFRC

– The differences in formwork and casting

– Equipment you will need. It’s not as much as you think – we teach the whole course with items from any decent hardware store

– How and where to source GFRC additives

– How to find your own additives if commercial GFRC additives aren’t available locally to you

– How to make and modify GFRC spray guns (this can save you $$)

Form Making

– Types of materials used for form works to get the best results

– Moulding set up: tricks and techniques that will save you hours later in the process

– Assembling and preparing bench top and table moulds. Again, heaps of time saving measure that we have perfected over the years

– How to seal your mould with silicone to give your finished pieces perfect edges

– How to make perfect blockouts for sinks, stoves and taps

Mixing & Casting

– The exact mix design and method that we use every day. You do not need as many additives as you might think, or that others are telling you

– How to mix the perfect face and backer coats

– Techniques for spraying GFRC that avoid severe headaches like crumbly edges and pinholes

– Applying reinforcements

– Creating weight saving voids on larger pieces

– Making GFRC in different temperature environments


– Preparing for demould so that pieces don’t get damaged at this critical time

– Learn how long to leave pieces in the mould to avoid twisting, warping and curling issues

– Tips on lifting using slings and lifting gear, or just elbow grease

– Grinding and polishing the underside and removing blockouts

Polishing / Sealing

– Preparing items for sealing

– Introductions to the main types of sealer and instructions on how to apply them

– How to detail and grout your pieces so there are zero pinholes and imperfections

– How to polish your piece further if required. Please note that all Concrete Studio work is ‘off-form’ so you will not need expensive and time consuming wet-polishing equipment using our process.

Our aim is for you to make outstanding pieces from Day One. Benefit from our years of testing, save yourself time and money.

Who is the teacher?

Introduction to GFRC is presented by Phil: Concrete Studio’s founder and owner. Phil started his concrete career in 2005 working in heritage apartment conversions in London.

After a move to Australia in 2010 he set up Concrete Studio to bring GFRC to Australia: the Studio was one of the first GFRC furniture companies in the country.

Phil has been teaching concrete courses since 2017 and has welcomed students from all over the world.

As a Founder you will be invited to regular Q&A Webinars with Phil until the end of 2022 to help advise on your projects.

How is the course delivered?

The Introduction course is currently in production (September 2021) for completion in mid December 2021.

This is a professionally produced, high quality production being filmed in Spain and is presented in English.

The course will be broken down into chapters with detailed bookmarking and downloadable references. This includes our much coveted course manual.

Access is through a dedicated members area with Founders login.

Why now & what more?

Since Covid rolled onto the world stage we had to put a pause on our much loved courses in Australia. However we still get demand worldwide for our training so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to turn things digital.

We are offering our first course at a substantial discount because it is still in production. As soon as filming finishes for the Introduction course we will end the Founders offer and it will be replaced with a (more expensive) Early Bird offer. When the Introduction course goes live we will end the offers. Get in quick!

If you would like to give this as a gift please be sure to let us know on the booking page.

Our Google Reviews are online for the world to see.... these are a few of them.

Peter D
Peter D
Read More
Huge thanks to Phil and Ilka for the brilliant GFRC course I did recently. More informative, more professional, and a much simpler process than one I did on the east coast a few years ago! Phil's support since the course has also been awesome.
Sam P
Sam P
Read More
Attended the course a few weeks ago. It was an amazing course, well run, informative and very hands on. Thrilled with the new skills I have learnt. Thoroughly enjoyed it, it was well run, extremely easy for any level of experience to keep up with the well structured, step by step course, but way harder than initially thought to get the desired outcome! Great teacher and fantastic lunches, thanks again. Will definitely be going to another course in the future!
Paul R
Paul R
Read More
Really glad I did this course, Phil has an extensive knowledge of concrete and it's properties. Jason and the boys in the workshop know their stuff, all done in a relaxed environment made it an enjoyable experience. Highly recommend this course to anyone. Phil's wife's lunches were amazing too! Cheers Paul
Read More
Completed the 3 day course and was very impressed with the amount we covered in such a short time and the quality of the products we produced, would highly recommend this course to anyone interested
Emma Stewart
Emma Stewart
Read More
On a whim, I flew over from the coastal Victoria to Perth to participate in the workshop at Concrete Studio learning how to make concrete basins and bench tops. A hands on course, very inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing what evolves from what I learnt. Great team, led by owner Phil. A big thank you to his wife Orla too who spoilt us all with the most sensational lunches and morning teas! thanks too for recommendations down Margaret River way, I loved it! Best wishes for the continued success of Concrete Studio, great products.

If you have any questions, please drop us a message using the live chat below.

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Some frequently asked questions

The launch date for ‘Introduction to GFRC’ – everything you need to know to get started in glass fibre reinforced concrete, will be December 15th 2021

Yes, there is a lot of good info on YouTube. We have produced this course because more than 40 people asked for it.

With this course we show you the whole process so you don’t have to put the course together yourself from different videos.

This course is taught exactly how we make our pieces in our workshop: the whole process is shown with every tip, trick and technique so that you don’t have to learn the hard way. We want you to feel confident to make high quality concrete furniture on your own.

This depends on how often you want to fabricate, but you will need at least the following:

  • a workshop / garage
  • a strong, flat worktable
  • a compressor
  • GFRC spray guns (we show you where to buy them / make them)
  • hand tools for mould making
  • a grinder and good vacuum cleaner
  • you may need a polisher depending on the finish you want. Typically we don’t use them.

Yes, the main course content is identical to the physical course so it is a great refresher.

The only difference is we use a different sealer in the online course. The reason for this is our sealer (CS Protect) is not available commercially. As soon as we can find a way to ship that we will add that module to this course.

Yes. And all future courses will build from this one so there will be no repeated content. Future courses will cover bathroomware and advanced casting techniques.

Yes. Founders will have exclusive access to webinars with the Concrete Studio team. As anyone who has attended our courses will tell you, we do our best to help all people who have attended our courses.

Yes. Founders will have unlimited lifetime access to Introduction to GFRC.

And seeing as you have read this far, enter the coupon code FOUNDERBONUS on the next page and we will give you free access for 12 months to any future course we publish (this is a very limited offer).