A concrete Ramp Sink installed on a timber bathroom cabinet - by Concrete Studio

Darbal Vanity

Water Plane Vanity Top
  • Description

    Darbal is a sloping concrete sink. We make these stunning basins regularly for bars, cafes and shopping centres, but they also look great in residential bathrooms.

    The water drains to a slot at the rear of the slope, from there it falls to a central waste point that connects to a regular threaded plumbing fitting. You have the option of tap hole(s) if required or pair with wall-mounted taps for a truly sleek look.

    We have a number of options for customised wall supports for the Darbal design, including into alcoves up to 3600mm in length. Alternatively Darbal can be mounted onto cabinets or floor standing frames. Sink: the epitome of harmonious design, blending the gentle curves of an oval basin with the bold, definitive edges of a concrete vanity top. A unique juxtaposition of strength and elegance.

  • Details

    - 750mm to 3600mm long
    - With or without tap/faucet hole
    - Up to 10 year residential warranty
    - Wall mount or cabinet mount
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