Concrete Quality

WHAT IS Class 1 concrete?

Concrete is usually specified according to a class: 1, 2 or 3. While the meaning varies slightly according to where the concrete is to be used, for furniture grade concrete you should always expect the highest form of concrete: class 1.

Sealed by us, sealed forever
Don't accept bathroom-ware that will need resealing every year or two. Sealing is an art that we have mastered. All bathroomware is sealed with our own brand ´CS Protect´ stain-proof sealer that we back up with a ten year guarantee.

Flatness and accuracy
working to 1mm per metre accuracy with high quality dead flat moulding materials.

Basin drainage
Forget flat bottomed concrete basins... all of our basins have compliant sloped drainage on the base.

We fill and detail 99% of the tiny pinholes prior to pieces being sealed. Pieces with large visible holes will go black and mouldy and are not a compliant finish, so we do not sell those even as seconds.


Concrete Studio were great to work with. They patiently dealt with my many questions, all works were done on time and delivery was very reasonably priced. We had several pieces made and all look perfect in our new home! They definitely make a great feature. Thanks!

Perth, WA

Phil, Jason and Joel work very closely as a team to produce some of the most detailed work/art, and have a great eye for detail. They work hard to ensure that each individual is satisfied with their concrete studio experience.


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Our Values

We pride ourselves on making the finest quality Class 1 concrete bathroom-ware. No pinholes, no resealing, no maintenance: just beautiful artisan craftwork.

Our aftercare service demonstrates commitment to the lifetime of our products. Contact us to learn why it is worth paying a little more for a piece of concrete perfection.

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