Integrated Wash Plane


The Ramp is a water-plane style sloping concrete basin. We make these stunning basins regularly for bars, cafes and shopping centres, but they also look great in residential bathrooms.

The water drains to a slot at the rear of the ramp, from there it falls to a central waste point that connects to a regular threaded plumbing fitting. You have the option of tap hole(s) if required or pair with wall-mounted taps for a truly sleek look.

We have a number of options for customised wall supports for the Ramp design, including into alcoves up to 3600mm in length. Alternatively the Ramp can be mounted onto cabinets or floor standing frames.
Stainproof - sealed by us, sealed forever. Read about the CS Assured guarantee.
Pricing starts from $2090
  • Overall lengths 900mm to 3600mm
  • Width 460mm, 500mm
  • With or without tap holes
  • Available in the VIVID colour range
  • Wall-mount floating, cabinet mount or CS Frame mount.

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Ramp is available in the Vivid range of colours

Vivid is deep colour technology only from Concrete Studio.
Rich liquid pigments, infused at the first stage of the mixing process to ensure locked-in colour that will not fade.


*CS Assured: our 10 year warranty against staining and structural defects. Subject to our terms, requires product registration.

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