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Our 10 Year Structure and Sealer Warranty

Every year we improve our cement mixes and sealer recipes to improve their appearance and durability. We're so confident in all of our raw materials that we now offer a ten year residential warranty for the structure of our concrete and the longevity of our sealer.

what is covered

Structure: we guarantee that our concrete will not break or fail.
Sealer: we guarantee that you will not need to reseal.
Stain: if your piece is sealed with CS Protect, we guarantee it will not stain.

what is not covered

The warranty is subject to our usual terms which excludes things like wear-and-tear and mapping lines. The stain warranty does not apply to actual staining agents like hair dye or clothing stains, but does cover just about everything else. Read more on our sealers page.

does this apply to every order

Every residential order delivered from February 2021 onwards qualifies unless advised otherwise during quoting.

Items are not automatically covered as the warranty is only for the original purchaser and the original installation.

Items must be registered using the Warranty Registration Form.

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Our Values

We pride ourselves on making the finest quality Class 1 concrete bathroom-ware. No pinholes, no resealing, no maintenance: just beautiful artisan craftwork.

Our aftercare service demonstrates commitment to the lifetime of our products. Contact us to learn why it is worth paying a little more for a piece of concrete perfection.

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